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Car Shipping

Ocean Freight Vehicles

When faced with the difficult decision of how to ship your car, it's important to be aware of the shipping services available to you. There are three main modes of car shipping:

Rolling On Rolling OFF (RORO) Freight:

RoRo is the simplest and cheapest ocean method of shipping for vehicles. Vehicles are d riven directly onto the RORO vessel and secured to the car decks. They are securely inside the vessel, wind-and-watertight. It is important to note that you cannot ship personal effects using this method, but spare tire and factory fitted accessories are allowed.

Containers Freight:

When you factor in all of the tradeoffs between the two car shipping methods including security, conditions, rates, time frames and departures, we always suggest clients transport their cars via container.90% of our business is shipped on the ocean in a steel container. We have two sizes as options, 20ft and .40ft containers, however we consolidate the majority of vehicles into a .40ft container. If you would like to see cubic volume of the .40ft container or measurements for other sizes, visit our page on shipping container dimensions. This shared container service is what makes this method competitive and offers you a cost effective solution for shipping vehicles around the world. We can usually load up to four cars in a .40ft high cube container. Obviously it all depends on the make/ mod el and size of the cargo on hand, that determines what is loaded in the next container to a specific destination.