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A man turns to the car transport service at least once during his lifetime. Car shipping service helps to ship your car faster, easier and safer. Lots of people have already tried some car shipping companies. Some of them use car transport services on a regular basis. In fact, it does not matter whether you're the person who needs a regular car shipping service or does not. In any case, you should be well informed with all the points which concern the issue mentioned above. One of these issues is out of turn. It's about the variety of trailer types for car transport service. So, let's scan this question.  

If you need to transport your car, you should find out what trailer will suit your needs. If the low price is what you're searching for, so a multi-car trailer will suit be the best solution for you. But if you are not completely sure what trailer you really need, it's wise to take some minutes and familiarize yourself with a variety of trailer types, before using an auto transport service.

There are two main types of transporting vehicles:

Open Type:

It is the way of transiting vehicles with the help of a truck without any covering above. You should imagine in what way it is going to be. Cars are transporting under the open sky and there is no guarantee whether your auto will be safely transported or not (because of dust that may scratch your auto). But if you need to ship your automobile and you are in short of money, this type will meet your needs.

This one is also divided into the other subtypes of trailers:

  • Double-Level Tractor Trailer
  • One-Level multi-car truck
  • Single-vehicle track